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PhD Student

Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

School of Physics, Peking University


Education 教育背景

  • 2011 B.S. Nanjing University, School of Atmospheric Sciences

Research interests 研究方向

  • Organic gases and organic aerosols
  • Aerosol hygroscopicity

Publications 出版

邢莉, 傅宗玫. 有机气溶胶对中国境内云凝结核数量的贡献研究[J]. 北京大学学报 (自然科学版), 2015, 1: 003.

Huang, S., Huang, Q., Chang, J., Chen, Y., Xing, L., and Xie, Y. (2014). Copulas-Based Drought Evolution Characteristics and Risk Evaluation in a Typical Arid and Semi-Arid Region. Water Resources Management, 1-15.

Xing, L., T.-M. Fu*, J.J. Cao, S.C. Lee, G.H. Wang, K.-F. Ho, M.-C. Cheng, C.-F. You, and T.J. Wang (2013), Seasonal and spatial variability of the OM/OC mass ratios and high regional correlation between oxalic acid and zinc in Chinese urban organic aerosols, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 13, 4307-4318, doi:10.5194/acp-13-4307-2013.

Zhu, J.L., Wang, T.J.*, Xing, L., Mu, Q., and Zhou, D.R. (2011). Analysis on the characteristics and mechanism of a heavy haze episode in Jiangsu Province. China Environmental Science, 31(12), 1943-1950. (in Chinese)

Honors 获奖

  • 2013 博士生国家奖学金
  • 2012 第十一届钟盛标研究生学术论坛三等奖
  • 2012 陈互雄二等奖学金
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