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Prof. Tzung-May Fu (;台州楼414)

Teaching assistant

  • TBA
  • Send email to TA by 1/22 (Friday), with subject: name + year + major + student id + cell phone number

Intended audience

Undergraduates majoring in Environmental Science

Lecture time & place

Tuesdays 10:20~12:10 + Thursdays (even weeks) 8:00~9:50; @荔园一栋207教室

Office hour

By email appointment

Course materials

The purchase of the two text books is strongly recommended. Alternatively, you can check them out from the library:

Other reference material:


  1. Pop quizzes (5%-10%)
  2. Mid-term exam (1 hr long;15%-25%)
  3. Final exam (2 hrs long; 40%~50%)
  4. 7 bi-weekly assignments (20%):approximately 5-8 questions each

Assignments are given out on Tuesdays. All assignments are due THE FOLLOWING TUESDAY BEFORE class starts. Late or copied assignments will not be graded.

Field trip



Detailed schedule for Spring 2021 on SUSTech Blackboard (login required)


  • Assignments are listed at the end of each week's course slides
  • All assignments are due the following Tuesday BEFORE class starts. Late or copied assignments will not be graded.
  • Some assignments may require basic programming or plotting. Students with no programming or plotting experience should learn to do so. You are free to use your software of choice. We recommend Matlab as an easy option. See here and here for instructions to get started on Matlab.
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